my name is Ricck , im 24 yo, I help Scott run the blog Fuck Yeah Chubby Guys, i live in Dallas tx, my interests are beards, nintendo, ps3, megaman, naruto, kingdom hearts, dragon ball ,pokemon and all the cool 90s shit.. just your average man www.ricckmartinez.tumblr.com/tagged/me

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Anonymous asked: How big is your wiener? Also; are you a top or a bottom? Sorry if people ask you those alot. Btw, I touch myself to your beautiful image.


Wiener lmao!?? I’ve never had someone asked me how big my dick was like that.. Lol. And I’m top-versatile. Enjoy both but prefer to top. And thanks for the compliment ;)


A compilation of my Zelda pieces thus far! (2012-present)

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron - SDCC 2014 Exclusive Posters

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